The Goa Foundation is the most well known of Goa’s environmental action groups and one of the longest surviving, having been created in 1986. Founded by a group of Goan environmentalists each fighting his or her own individual environmental battles, the organisation today commands the respect of judiciary, government and the general public for persisting with its environment agenda for nearly 4 decades.

The work of the Foundation spans different areas and fields, all related in some way or another with the conservation and protection of Goa’s natural environment. At the heart of our work is the shared inheritance paradigm. In essence, we see Goa and its natural resources as a shared inheritance where the state is a trustee on behalf of the people and especially future generations. The intergenerational equity principle asks us to ensure our children and future generations inherit at least as much as we did.


The Highlights Reel

The Goa Foundation was founded in the year 1986, celebrating its 25 years in 2011. The “Highlights” provides a summary of the main events of those 25 years and beyond.

Protecting Goa's Amazing Forest Cover

The Goa Foundation’s efforts to protect Goa's amazing forests go back two decades. This is the first systematic introduction to this work of the organisation.

The Goa Foundation and Goa's Wildlife Sanctuaries

The State of Goa has several Protected Areas, declared as wildlife sanctuaries under the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972. The following list makes up the wildlife sanctuaries notified so far.

Mining in Goa

The Goa’s Foundation’s legal work on mining, stretching 25 years – from 1992 – culminated in two detailed and conclusive judgments by the Supreme Court of India that put an end to mining in Goa.

Goenchi Mati official website

A new window into the Goan Iron Ore Permanent Fund set up under the direction of the Supreme Court of India in the Goa Foundation mining case.

The GF's Advocacy on Mining

The Goa Foundation has been working on implementing intergenerational equity commencing with mining. This has involved advocacy with a variety of Indian and international entities on a number of related issues. We have also joined a number of coalitions as well as founded/co-founded a few. This page archives some key aspects of our work on mining in & beyond Goa.

Citizens’ Support Hub & Legal Aid Clinic

A brand new facility to aid citizens and activists

Public Interest Litigation repository

Press Notes & Blogs


Completed Projects

Public Interest Law Course, Margao, 2023 - Completed