The Goa Foundation is the most well known of Goa’s environmental action groups. Founded in 1986 by a group of Goan environmentalists each flighting his or her own individual environmental battles, the organisation today commands the respect of judiciary, government and the general public for persisting with its environment agenda for more than two decades.

The work of the Foundation spans different areas and fields, all related in some way or another with the conservation of Goa’s natural environment


The Highlights Reel

The Goa Foundation was founded in the year 1986, celebrating its 25 years in 2011. The “Highlights” provides a summary of the main events of those 25 years and beyond.

Mining in Goa

The Goa’s Foundation’s legal work on mining, stretching 20 years – from 1992 – culminated in a comprehensive Article 32 writ petition filed by it in the Supreme Court of India.

Goenchi Mati official website

A new window into the Goan Iron Ore Permanent Fund set up under the direction of the Supreme Court of India in the Goa Foundation mining case.

Public Interest Litigation repository


A blog to record activities.

Completed Projects