Public Interest Litigation Repository

Against Hotels in Coastal Area (Pre – CRZ Notification)

  • W.P. No. 349/1988 – (Challenge to the construction of beach resorts within 500mts of HTL) – View Order
  • W.P. No. 389/1988 – (Challenge to the construction of luxury hotel on Cavelossim beach) – View Order
  • WP 25/1989 – Taj – Disposed of as issues were covered in Judgment of the Apex Court passed in the said Civil Appeal nos. 3434 to 3435 of 2001 dated 22.09.2014 – View Order
  • WP 47/1989 – Eastern Hotels – Against development by Eastern International Hotels Ltd within 200 mts of High Tide Line. – View Judgment
  • WP 309/1989 – Gulf Goans – Against construction of a new building by the Gulf Goans Hotel Company Pvt. Ltd within 200 mts of High Tide Line. – View Judgment
  • W.P. No. 400/1989 (Challenge to the resort at Mobor Beach by Leela Venture Pvt. Ltd.) – View Orders
  • W.P. No. 225/1990 – (Challenge to the construction by Leela Venture Pvt. Ltd. at Cavelossim) – View Orders

Hotels violating CRZ – Bombay HC at Goa

  • W.P. No. 221/1991 (Challenge to the approvals granted for constructions within the CRZ) – View Orders
  • W.P. No. 24/1992 (Challenge to permission/regularization for deviation in construction by Fomento Resorts and Hotels Ltd.) – View Orders
  • W.P. No. 36/1992 (Regarding the construction by Fomento Resorts and Hotels Ltd. which was obstructing public access to Vainguinim beach) – View Orders
  • W.P. No. 76/1992 (Regarding Beach Arc Hotels Pvt. Ltd. violation of CRZ notifications) – View Orders
  • WP 473/1992 – Hospitality – Disposed of as issues were covered in Judgment of the Apex Court passed in the said Civil Appeal nos. 3434 to 3435 of 2001 dated 22.09.2014 – View Order
  • W.P. No. 507/1992 (Challenge to the violation of CRZ notification by Garth De Souza in Cavelossim village) – View Orders
  • W.P. No. 331/1993(Challenge to the permission granted to cut a large number of trees at Miramar)
  • W.P. No. 332/1993 (Challenge to a ‘proposed road’ within the CRZ at Miramar)
  • W.P. No.333/1993 (Orders) (Challenge to the construction of hotel in the CRZ at Miramar as it violates the CRZ notification.)
  • W.P. No.391/1993 (Challenge to the lease deed handing over land in the CRZ at Miramar to a hotel company without the approval of the Captain of Ports, for construction of hotel.)
  • W.P. No. 319/1996 – Challenge to resort named ‘Sunset dunes’ on Baga Beach regarding CRZ Violation – View Order
  • W.P. No. 385/1996 (Challenge to Water Sports Centre being constructed by Dolphin Adventure Sports Ltd.) – View Orders
  • W.P. No. 414/1998 (Challenge to the company guesthouse being constructed by United Breweries Ltd. at Candolim, a CRZ-III zone) – View Orders
  • W.P. No. 427/1998 (Challenge to permission granted to Diksha Holdings Pvt. Ltd. to construct a beach resort)
  • W.P. No. 204/1999 (Challenge to the construction of a residential bungalow by M.M. Caculo within CRZ in Candolim village) – View Orders
  • W.P. No. 265/1999 (Challenge to the construction by Ramesh Hotels and Resorts Pvt. Ltd. in Utorda)
  • WP 375/2006 – Mildred Mendonca V/s State of Goa & ors (Construction of a beach resort in sand dune area) (CRZ Violation)
  • W.P. No. 403/2007 (Challenge to Aldeia de Goa project at Bambolim)
  • W.P. No. 659/2010 (Challenge to the construction of hotel Grand Hyatt in the CRZ)
  • PIL WP 26/2017 – Marriot – Against the Goa Marriott Resort located near the Gaspar Dias Beach for CRZ violations. – View Judgment

CRZ Violations (General)

Govt Policy Decisions – Bombay HC at Goa

  • W.P. No. 145/1987 (Challenge to the leases granted to the EDC to mine silica sand from Goa’s coastal areas) – View Orders
  • W.P. No.399/1989 (Challenge to the department of tourism’s 10 constructions on the coastline of Calangute within 200m of HTL)
  • W.P. No. 115/1992 (Challenge to G.S.C.C.E. modification of CRZ notifications, 1991) – View Orders
  • W.P. No. 102/1996 (Regarding the Surveyor General of India demarcating the HTL 40 to 60m closer to the sea for the coast from Velsao to Cavelossim) – View Orders
  • W.P. No. 126/1996 (Challenge to the buildings constructed on Candolim-Calangute-Baga coastal stretch within 200m of the HTL) – View Orders
  • W.P.No. 67/1997 (Orders) (Challenge to Goa Govt. signing a Power purchase agreement with M/s Reliance Salgaonkar Power Ltd.)
  • W.P. No.  55/1999 (Challenge to the holding of food festivals on the beaches of Goa) – View Orders
  • W.P. No. 257/2001 (Regarding to the Panjim Outline Development Plan changing the zoning areas from nature reserve/settlement to commercial zones) – View Orders
  • Suo Moto W.P. No.1/2005 (Regarding the lack of drinking water in Goa)
  • W.P. No. 393/2005 (Challenge to the Fisheries Minister of Goa’s decision to reduce the fishing ban during the monsoon season)
  • PIL WP 11/2007 – Satish Banaulikar V/s State of Goa & ors (Illegal cutting of hillslopes in Goa) (Order of disposal)
  • PIL WP 1/2010 – Soter D’souza V/s State of Goa & ors (Water shortage in Porvorim)
  • PIL W.P. 9/2011 (J.W. D’Souza v. State of Goa and others)
  • PIL WP 29/2011 – GCZMA Hotel Policy – Challenging policy framed by Goa Coastal Zone Management Authority for utilization of open plots in the CRZ-III zone available for construction of hotels. – View Judgment
  • PIL WP 22/2016 – IPB – Challenging several approvals granted by The Goa Investment Promotions and Facilitation Board to projects situated in the Coastal Regulation Zone. – View Judgment
  • PILWP 26/2016 – Movaj – Challenging approval granted by The Goa Investment Promotions and Facilitation Board to a project by M/s Movaj Enterprises situated within Coastal Regulation Zone. – View Judgment

Mining – Bombay HC at Goa

  • W.P. 109/1997 (Orders) (Challenge to indiscriminate mining activities by Dempo Mining Corporation in Bicholim)
  • WP 103/2001 – Kunda Gharse – Case Withdrawn – Issues connected to PIL WP 27/2011 – NBWL – View Order
  • WP 343/2002 – Kunda Gharse – Case Withdrawn – View Order
  • WP 342/2003 – Krishi Vikas – Case Withdrawn as matter was taken before the Hon’ble Supreme Court. – View Order
  • W.P. No.136/2008 (Challenge to mining lease operation of Hiralal Khodidas at Colomba)
  • WP 722/2008 – Shaikh Salim – Case Withdrawn as matter was taken before the Hon’ble Supreme Court – View Order
  • WP 256/2009 – Mining Transport – Case Withdrawn as mining leases were suspended by the Hon’ble Supreme Court. – View Order
  • W.P. No.330/2009 (Challenge to mining lease activity of Sesa Goa, Advalpal)
  • W.P. No.651/2009 (Challenge to the mining lease of Lithoferro, Advalpal)
  • PIL WP 4/2010 – Lithofero – Case Withdrawn as matter was taken before the Hon’ble Supreme Court in Writ Petition (Civil) No.435/2012 – View Order
  • WP 322/2010 – Advalpal – View Order- Case disposed of in view of directions given in NEERI Report issued in September 2012. – View Order
  • PIL WP No.11/2011 (Challenge to operation of 57 mining leases without consents from the Pollution Control Board)
  • PIL WP 27/2011 – NBWL – Case Withdrawn as matter was taken before the Hon’ble Supreme Court. – View Order
  • PIL WP No.28 of 2011 (Petition for rehabilitation of abandoned mining sites in Netravalli Wildlife Sanctuary. Disposed of.)
  • PIL WP 31/2011 – Illegal mining production – Filed in view of violations of the production limits and the Environment Protection Act, 1986 by the mining companies. – View Order
  • PIL WP 34/2011 – Illegal Mining – Case Withdrawn as matter was taken before the Hon’ble Supreme Court. – View Order
  • PIL WP No.42 of 2011 (Challenge to the operation of mining lease owned by Ajit Kadnekar and operated by Magnum Minerals.)
  • PIL WP No.4 of 2012 (Challenge to issue of consent to Bandekar Mines without NOC from the Chief Wildlife Warden.)
  • PIL WP 3/2018 – Mining Transport – Filed challenging perverse interpretation of the judgment dated 07.02.2018 by the Hon’ble Supreme Court cancelling 88 mining leases and holding mining activity to be illegal. – View Judgment
  • PIL WP 28/2018 – Mining Recovery – Filed in view of State Govt’s inaction in recovering the proceeds of illegal mining from mining companies. – View Order

Pollution – Bombay HC at Goa

  • W.P. No. 72/1989 (Orders) (Regarding the governments negligence in monitoring and controlling the transportation of hazardous materials)
  • W.P. No.218/1988 (Regarding the State Govt. violation of the Water{Prevention and control of pollution} Act)
  • W.P. No. 450/1988 (Challenge to the pollution caused by Zuari Agro Chemicals Ltd.) – View Orders
  • W.P. No.29/1989 (Challenge to the State of Goa’s policy to allow tourist development up to 90m of the HTL)
  • W.P. No. 94/1992 (Regarding the Failure of the respondents{GSPCB, and The Inspector of Factories and Boilers} to perform their duties to collect air and water samples from ZAC plant) View Orders
  • W.P.No. 16/1995, 18/1995, 19/1995 and 79/1995 – View Orders
  • W.P. No. 178/1995 (Challenge to the construction of a factory by Binani Zinc Ltd. at Colvale)
  • W.P. No. 373/1996 (Challenge to Penguin Alcohols Pvt. Ltd. factory at Shristal in Canacona) – View Orders
  • W.P. No. 124/1998 (Challenge to the construction of a railway siding that was being constructed on the land of ZAC Ltd.) – View Orders
  • W.P. No. 364/1998 (Challenge to conversion of residential complex to a commercial tourist resort in Calangute) – View Orders
  • W.P. No. 420/1998 () (Challenge to the construction of the Teksid Foundry at Navelim) – View Orders
  • Suo Moto W.P. No 109/1999 (Regarding the proper disposal of garbage by state authorities) – View Orders
  • W.P. No. 123/1999 (Orders) (Regarding Curchorem air quality)
  • W.P. No. 302/1999 (Orders) (Challenge to the shrimp agriculture project in the village of Tuem, Pendem)
  • W.P. No. 384/1999 (Challenge to the appointment of Mr. Arecio D’Souza as Chairman of the Goa State Pollution Control Board) – View Orders
  • W.P. No. 196/2000 (Regarding the disposal of waste by Meta Strips Ltd.) – View Orders
  • W.P. No. 228/2000 (Challenge to constructions around Dossoxir spring in Assagao village) – View Orders
  • W.P. No. 309/2000 (Challenge to the appointment of members of the board of GSPCB) – View Orders
  • SMWP 8/2001 – The Concerned Citizen  V/s Mormugao Port Trust & ors (Coal dust pollution at Mormugao Port Trust)
  • WP 76/2002 – Digas (Noise) – Filed complaining failure on the part of the statutory officials and police authorities to take any action to stop loading and unloading of mineral ore carried out in jetties during night hours generating noise pollution. – View Order
  • W.P. No. 28/2003 (with W.P. No.417/2000) (Orders) (Regarding the disposal of waste in Calangute village and Saligo village)
  • Suo Moto W.P. No. 297/2003 (Regarding the pollution of Lake Carambolim) – View Orders
  • W.P. No. 485/2004 (Regarding the disposal of waste by the cities of Panaji and Mapusa)
  • WP 85/2006 – Sponge Iron – Against setting up of sponge iron plant within the catchment area and/ or 1 km of any river or stream classed as A or C in Goa. – View Order
  • SMWP 2/2007 (Garbage pollution in Goa)
  • W.P. No.476/2007 (Challenge to operation of stone crushers at Saleli)
  • W.P. No. 174/2009 (Regarding the dumping of solid waste at Sonsoddo by the Margao Municipal Council)
  • Contempt Petition No.8/2010 (Relating to non-compliance at Sonsoddo, Margao)
  • WP  762/2009 – ( challenge to pinky shipyard’s CRZ Violation ,Chincalim )


  • W.P. No. 113/1992 (Challenge to the lease granted to Chowgule and Co. to build an Iron ore beneficiation plant in a Primary Forest in the village Potrem in Sanquem taluka) – View Orders
  • W.P. No. 368/1995 (Challenge to the forest land acquired by The Goa Housing Board at Porvorim) – View Orders
  • W.P. No. 273/1997 (Challenge to the construction of a housing colony at village Penha De Franca of Bardez taluka by Tata Housing Development Co. Ltd. on the grounds that the land was forest land) – View Orders
  • W.P. No. 136/1999 (Challenge to the construction of Golden Peace Hotels in Penha De Franca village) – View Orders
  • W.P. No. 202/1995 (Orders) (Regarding the deletion of mining lease areas from Netravalli Wildlife Sanctuary in Goa)
  • W.P. No.434/2006 (Transferred to NGT{Application No. 37[THC]/2013} )
  • W.P. No.465/2006 (Transferred to NGT{Application No. 24[THC]/2013} )
  • W.P. No. 334/2008 (Regarding the completion of the exercise of demarcation of the private forest areas in the State of Goa)
  • W.P. No.321/2010 (Challenge to International Cricket Stadium in forest area, Thivim) – (View Order delivered on 12.8.2010)
  • PIL W.P. No.14/2010 ( Violation of Courts orders to get EC before starting projects by cutting of 125 trees in Thivim)
  • W.P. No.495/2010 (Challenge to the criteria that are adopted by the Forest department / State of Goa for identifying forests on private lands)

Misc Matters – Bombay HC at Goa

  • W.P. No. 214/1991 (Regarding public access to the records regarding approvals and permissions granted to builders) – View Orders
  • W.P. No.633/1993 (Orders)
  • W.P. No. 5/1994 (Regarding the torture of maidservant by the police) – View Orders
  • WP 49/1997 – Konkan Railway – Challenging notification dated 02.12.1997 issued by state Govt. under Goa Excise Duty Act, 1964. Notification withdrawn. – View Judgment
  • W.P. No. 212/2000 (Regarding the fishing ban during the monsoons) – View Orders
  • WP 813/2009 – Amar Patil  V/s State of Goa & ors (Development of plots for construction of houses in Command Area of  Anjunem Irrigation Project)
  • PIL WP 22/2017 – NGT Transfer – Challenging MoEF’s decision to transfer all NGT cases from the state of Goa to NGT, Principal Bench in New Delhi. – View Judgment
  • PIL WP 5/2018 – Gaurav– Regarding maintenance of a public park.

Goa Foundation is a member of GEF – represented by Adv Norma Alvares

  • WP 366/1999 – GEF (Noise Pollution) – Regarding noise pollution. Disposed of in view of the directions of the Supreme Court in the case of Forum, Prevention of Environmental & Sound Pollution vs. Union of India and anr. (2005) 5 SCC 733. – View Order

Goa foundation as intervener

  • WP 63/1997 – RSPPC – Regarding agreement between State Govt. and Reliance Salgaonkar Power Ltd. for proposed naphta based power project in Goa. – View Judgment

Environment PILs/applications in which Adv. (Ms) Norma Alvares is involved as Amicus Curiae

  • Cr. WP 5/1994 – Rekha M. Kholkar V/s State of Goa & ors (Torture of a maidservant by the police)
  • PIL WP 212/2000 –  Goa Environment Federation V/s State of Goa & ors (Monsoon ban on fishing)
  • SMWP 1/2005 (Shortage of Water in the State of Goa
  • PIL WP 8/2006 – Jose Cruz Gomes V/s Cuncolim Municipal Council & ors (Construction of a Municipal Market in flood-prone low- lying area)
  • WP 2/2006 – Floriano Lobo V/s State of Goa & ors (Constructions in mangrove area in Santacruz) (CRZ Violation)
  • PIL WP 7/2006 – Jairam Karmalkar V/s State of Goa & ors (Noise Pollution by a nightclub and construction on sand dunes in Candolim) (CRZ violation)
  • WP  167/2007 – Britto Amusements V/s State of Goa & ors (Legality of deckbeds and shacks on beaches of Goa)
  • PIL WP 1/2008 – Villagers of Shirgao V/s Shirgao Nagarik Samiti & ors (Depletion  of water and destruction of agriculture caused by 3 mining companies)
  • SMCP 1/2010 – Sesa Industry (Amone) – Suo moto contempt petition against the State Govt. for non-compliance of orders of the Hon’ble High Court. – View Order

Goa Foundation as Respondent – Bombay HC at Goa

  • WP 288/2007 – Select – Filed by Select Holiday Resorts Pvt. Ltd against refusal of the permission by the Village Panchayat cansaulim, Arossim, Cuelim. Case withdrawn. – View Order
  • WP 292/2009 – Mahaseer – Filed by Mahaseer Hotel and Resorts Pvt. Ltd to seeking to forward its proposal for development i.e. construction of Hotel for Environmental Clearance. Case dismissed. – View Order
  • W.P. No.500/2009 (Petition filed by Total Composites/CRZ Matter; GF Respondent)
  • WP 756/2010 – Shiva Palace – Filed by Shiva Goa Palace Pvt. Ltd for identification of vacant plots for construction of hotels. – View Order
  • WP 382/2010 – Iris D’mello – Petitioners challenged the non-grant of NOC to applications made by the petitioners, for conversion of land from agricultural to non-agricultural purposes under Section 32(1) of the Goa, Daman and Diu Land Revenue Code, 1968. – View Judgment
  • WP 368/2010 – Rakesh Sahni – Case withdrawn.
  • WP 513/2012 – Competent Automobiles – Filed by Competent Automobiles Company Ltd seeking a writ of mandamus to grant environmental clearance to the petitioner for its proposed Five Star Hotel (Beach Resort) at at Arrosim Village, Mormugao Taluka, District South Goa. – View Order
  • WP 173/2018 – SWPL – SWPL’s petition against the ‘denial’ by Ministry of Environment, Forests & Climate Change (MOEF) of their application for terminal capacity enhancement at Berth Nos. 5A and 6A at Mormugao Port Trust, Vasco-da-Gama. Petition dismissed. – View Judgment

Ongoing matters– Bombay HC at Goa

  • WP 379/2014 – Saravati Builders (GF is respondent) – Filed by DLF Homes Goa Pvt. Lrd challenging the Araujo South Goa Forest Division committee Report dated 07.05.2014.
  • PIL WP 27/2016 – Tuem – Against private aquaculture ponds in view of CRZ violations.
  • PIL WP 30/2017 – Sonshi – Against mining companies for pollution caused in the village of Sonshi.
  • PIL WP 32/2017 – Tiracol Tenancy – Against M/s Leading Hotels in view of fraudulent acquisition of tenanted lands.
  • PIL WP 4/2018 – Chaksu – Against Chaksu Hotels in view of CRZ violations and challenging clearance granted by IPB.
  • PIL WP 17/2018 – MRF – Against the MRF factory in Ponda in view of violations of pollution norms and challenging clearance granted by IPB.
  • PIL WP 23/2018 – Diana – Against Diana Buildwell Hotels in view of CRZ violations.
  • PIL WP 24/2018 – Coal – Filed seeking halt of coal handling activities in the Marmugao Port Trust.
  • PIL WP 30/2018 – Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary – Regarding rehabilitation of areas affected by mining activity in the Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary.

Goa Lokayukta – Ongoing

  • Lokayukta Proceeding No. 08/2018 – Laxmikant Parsekar – Corruption Complaint against Laxmikant Parsekar, Former Chief Minister of Goa.

Goa Foundation applications/appeals before the National Green Tribunal

  • Application No. 26/2012 {NGT at New Delhi} (Regarding Western Ghats conservation)
  • Application No.14 (THC)/2013{NGT at Pune} (Challenge to the criteria for identification of forests adopted by the Forest Committees in Goa)
  • Application No.16 (THC)/2013 {NGT at Pune} (Regarding the completion of the process of identification and demarcation of private forests in Goa)
  • Application No.18 (THC)/2013 {NGT at Pune} (Challenge to the consolidated report of the Goa Forest Department which purports to show the demarcated private forests of Goa)
  • Application No.19 (THC)/2013 {NGT at Pune} (Challenge to housing in forest area of Bethora)
  • Application No.22 (THC)/2013 {NGT at Pune} (Regarding the forest areas in Xelpem)
  • Application No.24 (THC)/2013 (Challenge to the proposal to set up an IT park by Infotech at Socorro and Salvador do Mundo villages)
  • Application No. 25 (THC)/2013 {NGT at Pune} (Challenge to housing in forest area at Ela)
  • Application No.26 (THC)/2013 {NGT at Pune} (Challenge to DLF housing in forest area and on steep slope at Chicalim)
  • Application No. 37 (THC)/2013 {NGT at Pune} (Challenge to housing in forest area of Sancoale)
  • Application No. 49/2013 {NGT at New Delhi} (Regarding the CRZ violation at areas demarcated as turtle nesting sites at Morgim and Mandrem)
  • Appeal 31/2014 – Tiracol Bridge – Challenging CRZ approval granted for Tiracol Bridge which falls within CRZ-I zone. – View Judgment
  • App 85/2015 – Mandovi Bridge – Seeking to enforce compliance with the requirement of EIA Notification, 2006 and CRZ Notification 2011 with regard to the construction of the 3rd bridge across River Mandovi. – View Judgment

Ongoing matters before the NGT

  • App 144/2016 – With Shankar Jog – Against 12 mining leases operating without valid environment clearances.
  • App 156/2016 – Baina Beach – Challenging illegal constructions raised by the Goa Tourism Development Corporation in Baina beach which are contrary to the approvals granted to them by GCZMA.
  • App 130/2017 – Lopinho Xavier – Against illegal reclamation and dumping of mud and construction in CRZ-I area (Khazan land) in Quellosim.

Goa Foundation applications/petitions in the Supreme Court of India

  • IA 40261/2017 in WP 202/1995 – IA in Godavarman Thirumulkpad matter for demarcation of forests.
  • WP (c) 181 of 2001 – Challenging the appointment of Karapurkar committee for identification private forest in the State of Goa. Subsequently, W.P. No. 334/2008 was filed before the Bombay HC of Goa for completion of demarcating private forests. – View Order
  • W.P. No.460/2004 (Challenge to grant of post-facto environment clearances)
  • W.P. (C) 131 of 2009 (Challenge to Land Acquisition Act amendment passed by Goa Assembly to save Cidade de Goa resport)
  • Contempt Petition/Civil Appeal No.4154/2000 with Civil Appeal Nos.4155 and 4156 of 2000  (Against Cidade de Goa, for not carrying out demolition)
  • W.P. (C) 435 of 2012 (For action against illegal mining in Goa following the publication of the reports of the Justice Shah Commission of Enquiry into Illegal Mining in Goa. (For copy of Report submitted by CEC in the petition, please see Downloads.)
  • W.P. No. 293 0f 2014 {SLP (Civil) CC 16080/2014} (Regarding Sesa Sterlite Ltd.)

Supreme Court Mining

  • The Goa Foundation vs M/S Sesa Sterlite Ltd. And Ors. (2018)4SCC218 In Writ Petition (C) No. 711 of 2015 and Writ Petition (C) No. 720 of 2015 wherein 88 mining leases were cancelled by the Hon’ble Supreme Court and held all mining activity between November 2007 and September 2012 to be illegal. – View Judgment

Legal matters involving Tiracol Golf Course alone before NGT/High Court

  • PIL WP No.26/2015 (challenging approvals granted for project on tenanted land, in violation of the Goa Land Use Act, 1991) before Bombay High Court at Panaji. Next date for hearing on 12 April, 2016. GF has filed an application calling for copies of the Sandip Jacques report on tenancy in Tiracol village.
  • Appeal No.2/2015 filed before the NGT challenging the CRZ clearance given to the golf course resort.
  • Application No.135/2015 filed before the NGT challenging the SEAC/SEIAA clearance given to the project on grounds of fraud.
  • Application No.94/2015 filed before the NGT Pune, challenging two permits granted by the Tree Authority to fell trees at Tiracol. Dismissed, wrong forum.
  • Application No.120/2015 filed before the NGT challenging the forest committee’s report excluding 3 survey numbers at Tiracol from the definition of forest and therefore placing them outside the Forest Conservation Act, 1980.
  • Contempt Application No.78/2015 in Appeal No.2/2015. Successfully concluded. Leading Hotels cited for contempt and fined Rs.5 lakhs for violating the Tribunal’s directions on tree felling. Money to be used to replant trees at Tiracol.
  • Writ Petition No.433/2015 filed by Leading Hotels in Bombay High Court (Panaji bench) against order upholding maintainability of Appeal No.2/2015. Transfer application (stamp) No.12909/2015 in WP No.433/2015 filed in Bombay High Court at Mumbai by Leading Hotels. Transfer application resolutely and successfully opposed and defeated. WP No.433/2015 heard in Goa and disposed of with judgement, reverting the matter to the NGT.
  • Thereafter, NGT upholds maintainability of the Appeal No.2/2015 a second time. Second WP No.728/2015 is filed before the Bombay High Court by Leading Hotels against the order which is also dismissed.
  • WP No.732/2015 filed by Leading Hotels against NGT order on forests on the lease is dismised by the High Court on 24.11.2015.
  • Two approvals granted for felling of forest trees at Tiracol challenged by the Goa Foundation via an appeal before the Dy.Conservator of Forests who is the competent authority. The two appeals are dismissed by the Appellate Authority on grounds of maintainability and delay.
  • Writ Petition No.831/2015 filed in the High Court (single judge) against dismissal of challenge filed against two permissions given by the Tree Officer to fell trees. Petition admitted on 4 April 2016, kept for final disposal on May 3, 2016.
  • Appeal No.14/2014 challenging construction of Tiracol bridge. Dismissed with leave to grant application, as prima facie violation of CRZ established.
  • Application No.33/2015 for demolition of Tiracol bridge on grounds of violation of CRZ notification and the Forest Conservation Act, 1980. NGT directed a study to be done by NIOT, Chennai, costing Rs.42 lakhs, to be paid by bridge contractor (GSIDC). GF has since challenged the NIOT report.

Adv. Norma Alvares Paper on PILs in Goa