Yes to Tiracol! No to Leading Hotels and Golf Course!

The people of Goa are now getting the complete facts about the proposed Tiracol Golf course project (which is supported by the Parsenkar government). These facts are getting most normal people very angry about the project.

Though expensive full page advertisements have been issued by Leading Hotels in some Goan papers claiming the lands acquired by the project owners are “barren”, the Environment Impact Assessment report prepared by the company’s own consultants list a total of 19,000 plus plants and trees on the property.

The report also indicates that a total of 1966 trees will be felled for the project.

How then does the land in question become “barren”?

In one survey number alone (No.4/1), the Forest Department of Goa has granted permission to Leading Hotels to cut 155 trees!

The company has claimed it will help the village with water. However, it has submitted a proposal to install 17 bore wells on the property. Since these wells fall within the uppermost part of the property and the village is located below, these new bore wells are bound to ensure that the village community is eventually starved of the water in its existing wells.

The total area of the village of Tiracol is 13,84,000 sq.mts. Four sale deeds signed between Leading Hotels and the Khalaps (of Mapusa) transfer 12,18,589 sq.mts to the company. Of the balance, Government of Goa (through Tiracol Fort) owns 1,50,582 sq.mts. Sy.No.16/1 which houses the present Tiracol village settlement (which comprises mostly mundkarial houses) is also sold to the company. This means practically the entire village of Tiracol has been rendered homeless. The entire environment outside Sy.No.16/1 has been taken away from them and their use.

It is a shame that the Government of Goa, Town Planning Department, Collector (North), Goa Pollution Control Board and other Government authorities could approve such a project when they should be protecting the interests of Goans. Instead, they appear ready and willing to pack them off forever from their ancestral lands!